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Now that the 60% recyclable threshold was met in 2011 (that paperboard packaging is now being collected for recycling in over 60% of communities in the U.S.), any company that packages a product in paperboard can legally state that their packaging is “recyclable,” regardless of whether it is composed of virgin or recycled paper. In response, PPC designed a logo that can be printed on paperboard boxes to clearly indicate to consumers that the package can—and should be—recycled after use.


The more visible the logo is on a package, the more that the growing base of eco-conscious consumers will purchase the product BECAUSE it is packaged in materials that can be recycled. But even if the logo is printed on a non-visible flap, once the package has been opened, the logo will still serve to remind consumers to “do the right thing” by properly recycling the package in their curbside recycling bin.      

Is there a fee for using the logo and how do I get a high-resolution image?

The logo is FREE of charge to both PPC members and non-members, provided that a license agreement is signed and returned to PPC via fax or email. PPC will then email you a high-resolution logo.

May corrugated manufacturers use the logo?

No. This recyclable logo is reserved for paperboard packaging only.

Where is the best place to print the logo?

We recommend that you print the logo on the outside panel of the minor flaps of rigid boxes and folding cartons in black or dark blue ink, or in any color on the outside of the carton. If you are a qualified converter, you can feature the logo anywhere it may promote the use of paperboard packaging, such as websites, via QR code links, etc.

When should I not use the logo?

Do not print the logo on packaging that has direct wet food contact, such as pizza boxes, aseptic packaging, UV-printed boxes, or milk cartons. We also suggest that your customer be advised before printing the recyclable logo on cartons with specialty features such as foiling or windows, as not all municipalities can recycle such cartons.

Can the logo be printed on cartons or boxes being shipped to Canada?

According to the Canadian Paper & Paperboard Packaging Environmental Council (PPEC), if packaging is being shipped to provincial markets that do not have at least 50% access to boxboard recycling (such as Nunavut, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland, Labrador, or Northwest Territories), then a qualification such as “Recyclable in communities where recycling is available,” should accompany the logo.

To have the agreement emailed or mailed to you, or for more info, email Katie Wing or call 413.686.9191.

Download the PPC Recyclable Logo Licensing Agreement


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