2012 Award Winners

PAPERBOARD PACKAGE OF THE YEARGraphic Packaging International
10-count Capri Sun I-Beam Carton

The new fridge vendor-style design features “I-Beams,” an extension of the carton’s end flaps that are folded in toward the carton. The new design is 20% lighter than the original carton, saving approx. 35,000,000 pounds of fiber annually. Moreover, a 60% increase in inbound pallet quantities was achieved, resulting in approx. 1,750 trucks eliminated from the inbound supply chain, thus saving 880,000 miles driven annually. A 7% increase in outbound cases per pallet resulted in a 2.5% increase in finished goods on outbound trucks and a 10% reduction in tertiary pallet packaging materials.


For Your Consideration: Drama - TNT Emmy

The patent-pending, lay-flat pocket design is composed of a single-substrate, fold-and-trim structure. These one-piece page spreads eliminate potential print crossovers, provide ample graphic space to seamlessly present commentary and photographs, and offer effective disc retention and pocket count flexibility. All of this can be assembled on automatic equipment for a fraction of the cost of standard dual-substrate pockets.



Everett Graphics
PureSpeed Protein Tip Box

The carton’s internal platforms feature individual diecut slots into which the cassettes are placed. Dual upper and lower platforms restrict side-to-side movement while the scored dust flaps fold under to hold smaller cassettes—or can be left long to accommodate the larger cassettes. Unlike nesting auto-bottom cartons, its manual, snap-lock bottom allows for easy, straight-line gluing and flatter, more streamlined case packing.

INNOVATION AWARDTPC Printing and Packaging
Angostura Trinidad and Tobago Caribbean Rum 750ml 

This tube-shaped package is comprised of two boards laminated together and is 25% less expensive to produce than convolute tubes, is shipped in the same compartmentalized corrugated container used by the filler, and to defray freight costs, is shipped fully assembled.



ECO AWARDBeresford Box Co., Inc.
Integrated Lid Cup (LIDS-IN-MOTION)

This eco-friendly disposable cup features a paperboard lid that, for the first time, eliminates the need for plastic lids. Score lines between the body of the cup and lid form a double-hinged interface so that the lid can be easily opened and closed. The cup is fully stackable and the integration of the lid with the cup’s body means that now only a single SKU is needed, rather than two SKUs for the traditional cup and lid.


JUDGES' AWARDMeadWestvaco Corp.
Berkley Nanofil Twist-Off and Reclosable Natralock Card

The blister’s flange is caught within the seal of the perforated cards so to access the fishing line, the user simply rotates the thermoform counter-clockwise until the perforation breaks, after which it twists off and on for easy accessibility and reusability. Moreover, the smaller package allows more cartons to fit in a shipper, pallet, and truck, as well as on store shelves.


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