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Graphic Packaging International
Cheerios Bring On The Gold 2010 Olympics Hockey Shoot Out
General Mills Inc.

A limited edition commemorative package designed to leverage General Mills’ promotion of the 2010 Winter Olympics, this carton features a 3D interactive hockey game on its back panel. Requiring minimal modifications from the existing retail carton so as not to affect filling, distribution, or merchandising, the game panel needed to be easily opened yet hold together well through production and distribution. Additionally, the game pieces needed to fold back up for future use as well as be printed on both sides.

To keep costs down and get the product to market quickly, it was important that the carton run on the customer’s high-speed packaging line. So the game insert was designed to be attached to the outer box inline and in tight registration, via a single pass through a high-speed, straight-line gluer. Here it was intricately diecut, folded, glued. Finally, with a unique proprietary device, the game insert was attached to the outer carton.

Estée Lauder Origins Plantscription Anti-Aging Display

The original design for this cosmetics display consisted of filler material encased in a seal-end carton that was printed on both sides and anchored to a wooden fixture. But the marketing team felt this design was too conventional and not as eco-friendly as they desired. So DISC suggested an alternate design for the display, which was composed of 28 layers of 24 pt SBS that were laminated together and then trimmed on a guillotine cutter.

Because the booklet, Petri dish, and product sample all required different cavity depths, the batch control and position of each piece was critical.

Additionally, the client originally specified that the display booklet be covered in a metal binder. Given their desire for a display with an organic, natural look, DISC suggested they print instead a “lay flat” book that had a film-laminated cover, as well as interior pages that would hold up to consumer browsing and could be easily wiped clean by sales associates. The client loved the idea, as well as the look and feel of the paperboard display, choosing it over foamcore and wood because it could be easily recycled with other paper waste after use.


INNOVATION AWARDGraphic Packaging International
Valentine Heart Family
Mars Chocolate, North America

Mars Chocolate wanted a seasonal Valentine’s Day package designed in a variety of sizes, yet with a design that differentiated itself from standard heart-shaped boxes. So Graphic Packaging International developed a family of packages that were specially glued to hold each bag of M&M’s in place. The cartons were then hand-locked via a tab on the back panel.

The smallest package provided a unique gluing challenge due to its limited gluing area and the stress involved in loading the M&M’s bag into the package. So a special diecut relief area was created to keep the carton from tearing.

It is difficult to stand out from the competition during the heavily promoted Valentine’s season, but the package’s rounded heart shape, bold graphics, spot UV gloss, and unique structural style provided an effective platform for leveraging the Mars candies and characters during this key merchandising season.

Sobel Westex Towel Box

This box was mailed to Wyndham Hotel buyers to promote the towel and linen lines from Sobel Westex. An outer two-piece board slipcase contains the main package, which is composed of two overlaying curved flaps held together with magnets. When opened, the flaps reveal a large center panel that features lined, diecut wells for the towel samples, a brochure, and a USB drive that is released from its well by a ribbon insert. A welcome letter printed and foil-stamped on transparent vellum allows the buyer to see the brochure and thumbdrive beneath it.

The converting process for this package was multi-layered. For instance, closure magnets were inserted in specially diecut holes in the main package. Next, the folder was wrapped and tipped before being glued to the assembled tray. The carton was finally placed into a slipcase that was diecut with thumb-cuts. Once fully assembled and the product in place, the entire package was shrink-wrapped for mailing.

ECO AWARDPaperWorks Packaging Group
Crest Complete Toothpaste
Procter & Gamble

Traditionally, holographic effects were achieved by laminating non-biodegradable PET to boxboard, thus rendering the package non-recyclable. The Crest Complete carton, however, achieves the same effect by micro-embossing onto boxboard a common carton coating that reflects and refracts light, thus eliminating the need for PET.

Unlike a traditional holographic carton, the recyclable Holobrite® package provides a 9.5% reduction in CO2 emissions, a 5% reduction in packaging weight, and does not require an additional lamination step at an off-site facility, thus saving money on transportation, energy, and raw materials. Nor will the package leech dioxins into the soil or water table if it is landfilled, as will a PET-laminated carton.

Moreover, since the carton was produced inline on an existing printing press, its printing costs are actually less than that of traditional holography.


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