Organizations Dedicated to Improving Sustainability

These organizations have been formed to develop a better understanding of how to mitigate packaging's impact on our environment. We hope you will support their efforts in improving the sustainability and recyclability of paperboard packaging.

American Institute for Packaging and the Environment (AMERIPEN)
To create a better understanding of packaging’s role and minimize its impact on the environment, AMERIPEN was organized as a trade association to scientifically analyze the environmental and social effects of packaging. Its survey on best practices by U.S. cities to increase recycling and its Product Recovery Knowledge Map (PRKM) offer data and analysis on how to balance the need for efficiencies in waste recovery with financial realities. AMERIPEN is now developing a strategy for recycling intervention.

Sustainable Packaging Coalition (SPC)
An industry working group dedicated to building packaging systems that encourage economic prosperity and a sustainable flow of materials. Its main projects include COMPASS (Comparative Packaging Assessment), an online life cycle assessment tool tailored for packaging design evaluations. They have also developed the How2Recycle Label, a voluntary, standardized labeling system that communicates recycling instructions to the public.

Consumer Goods Forum (CGF)
This Forum brings together senior management of over 400 retailers, manufacturers, service providers, and stakeholders to exchange knowledge and create initiatives around emerging trends, sustainability, safety and health, operational excellence, and knowledge sharing. This group is responsible for developing the Global Packaging Project, which implemented in 2011 the Global Protocol on Packaging Sustainability (GPPS), a measurement system for assessing the relative sustainability of packaging.

The Sustainability Consortium (TSG)
A global organization that aims to create, analyze, and communicate information about the life cycle of consumer products through the development of Sustainability Measurement and Reporting Systems (SMRS). Its Packaging Sector Working Group was formed to find ways to provide more sustainable packaging without sacrificing product protection and marketing.

North American Packaging AssociationTM

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